Have you ever been to Watson Lake in Prescott?  I’ve been to Willow lake but not Watson.  The first time I saw pictures of it I knew I wanted to put a bride and groom on those boulders.  Watson Lake has been on my bucket list for some time now.  Thanks to Josh and Shelby, the newlyweds for putting on their wedding attire for a post wedding shoot, I can now cross this location off my list.

I love how these came out.  Anyone who knows me knows I am not much into photoshop and editing.  Honestly, my least favorite thing to do. I wanted to experiment with the editing of these images and spent more time then I normally would trying to create a certain look and I think I achieved it and dare I say enjoyed the process.

About a week before this photo shoot I got nervous, nervous about what the lighting would actually look like since I have not ever even been there.  My friend Jennifer was kind enough to take a drive with me to Watson Lake to check it out.  First thing I noticed was how bright the sun was, with little or no trees to block it.  Jennifer and I walked around for about an hour making a plan on where I would shoot and knowing I would have to wait for the magic minute of where the sun was down enough to shoot.  Where it wouldn’t be blinding or to dark.  This is the amazing part, when we got to the lake there was enough thin cloud cover since a storm had just rolled through and another on the way, that it didn’t matter where I posed Josh and Shelby!!  Score.  When we started towards the location I originally scouted earlier in the week I suddenly changed my mind and we went in the opposite direction higher on the boulders.  We keep moving a little higher and as far out as we could go to have as much lake behind Josh and Shelby.  This is where I found out they were afraid of heights, but that didn’t stop them. I am so happy for that sudden mind change.  If we had continued on the original path down towards the water we would have been swarmed by mosquitoes which is what happened.  You see I was kinda done in the location we found but felt like I still needed to go back to my original plan and head down towards the water.  We got two feet in and were swarmed by mosquitoes and I hate mosquitoes, I mean who doesn’t.  Right at that moment I was like, we are done.  Interesting, I did not follow any of my plan from the scouting trip earlier in the week and this shoot could not have gone more perfectly.

Thank you so much Josh and Shelby for being willing to take the drive to Prescott. Thank you to Khristian for tagging along and helping, mad dress flipping skills like her mother.  These post wedding shoots inspire me!

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